How to print anti-slip silicone ink on a gloves printing machine?


Glove silicone combines the features of silicone anti-slip and abrasion resistance, which not only provides a good grip and comfortable hand feeling, but also effectively protects the hands and makes the work safer and more efficient.

02.Why choose gloves silicone ?

A.The gloves are covered with silicone material, which increases the friction, even in wet or greasy environment, it can maintain a good grip, prevent items from slipping and improve work efficiency.

B.Silicone material has excellent abrasion resistance, which keeps it in good condition even in long time repeated use, prolonging the service life of the gloves and saving cost.

C.The gloves are made of breathable material with ergonomic internal design, comfortable to wear, not easy to produce moisture or odor, keep hands dry and fresh.

D.The use of high rubber content silicone ensures the anti-slip effect on the surface of the gloves, and at the same time, it is not easy to fall off, more durable and reliable.

02.Applicable fields

A.In all kinds of general operations, the gloves silicone anti-slip wear-resistant can provide a stable grip and protect the hands from external injuries, suitable for handling, loading and unloading, cleaning and other work.

B.In the machining industry, the gloves can effectively prevent the sliding of machine parts, improve operational safety and precision, and reduce the risk of operational errors.

C.In cold winter aquatic operations, gloves can protect hands from low temperatures, while the anti-slip function ensures the stability of operation and improves work efficiency.

D.In the field of assembly and maintenance, the non-slip performance of the gloves can ensure the stable operation of the parts, while the wear-resistant property of the silicone material extends the service life of the gloves and reduces the replacement cost.


Q1:Are silicone gloves suitable for sensitive skin?

They are made of comfortable and breathable materials and generally do not cause allergies or discomfort, but for particularly sensitive skin, prior skin testing is recommended.

Q2:Are silicone gloves waterproof?

They are waterproof to a certain extent, but not completely waterproof. Prolonged immersion in water or violent friction may lead to water seepage.

How to clean and maintain the gloves? You can use mild detergent and water to wipe gently, avoid using strong acidic and alkaline detergent as well as high-temperature water washing to avoid damaging the glove material.



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