How to printing Dispensing silicone

01 Operation

Dispensing silicone is a production of silicone products processing process, silicone raw materials in liquid form, the raw material is loaded inside the syringe, with pneumatic plus manual operation of the raw material drops to the mold, heating vulcanization molding. This process belongs to the manualization process, which requires a lot of labor, so the capacity is not high. It has a feature that a product can be dripped with many colors according to the requirements, so this process is mostly used for making high-end silicone products.

02 Characteristics

Dispensing silicone feels very good and has a long service life. Dispensing silicone are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, decorative and other characteristics. Decorative mainly embodied in the drip glue has a crystal clear effect, but also can increase the gloss of silicone products products. Drip technology can not only make silicone products products beautiful, but also protect the surface of silicone products from damage.

03 Products

Our products include XG-360W-1, mixing catelyst XG-360WB-3 and thinner  XG-X1000.

04 FAQ

Q1:What is the durability of Dispensing silicone?

It has good durability and can resist erosion by water, chemicals, etc. It is not easy to peel off or change color.

Q2:What is the scope of application of Dispensing silicone?

It is suitable for all kinds of items that need to be marked, decorated or protected on the surface, such as signs, badges, product packaging and so on.


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