High-Density Glossy Silicone

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Our company  was established in 2007,Factory Huizhou Yirun Silicone Co.,Ltd was founded in 2018,all products follow the standard of NIKE,ADIDAS-01,pass and achieve REACH,OEKO-TEX-100,ZDHC certificate.All raw material,finish products tested by Heavy metal test,Halogen test,Tensile test ,Yellowing-resistance test,etc.provide all products ′MSDS,TDS and technical support.










High-Density Glossy Silicone is a highly elastic, high viscosity silicone material with excellent weathering, aging and chemical resistance.

It can form a strong, soft silicone layer on various substrates with good adhesion and wear resistance.

At the same time, its bright surface luster and smooth and delicate touch make the product appearance more beautiful and high-grade.








A.abrasion resistance:It has good abrasion resistance, can be used for a long time in a variety of environments without easy to wear.

B.temperature resistance: this silicone material can maintain stable performance in high and low temperature environments, will not be affected by temperature changes in its use.

C.Anti-slip: The surface of it has been carefully designed to have a certain anti-slip performance, which can provide a more stable and safer using experience.

D.Aesthetics: It is beautiful and generous in appearance and can enhance the overall texture of the product.






1.What are the characteristics of High-Density Glossy Silicone?

High-Density Glossy Silicone has high elasticity, high viscosity, weather resistance, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Its surface is bright, smooth and delicate, soft and comfortable to the touch, strong adhesion and good wear resistance.

2.What are the precautions to be taken when using High-Density Glossy Silicone?

In the use of it, need to pay attention to the following points:

A. To ensure that the surface of the substrate is clean and free of impurities.

B. To evenly apply the silicone, to avoid uneven thickness.

C.Printing patterns or text to keep the screen dry, clean, to avoid clogging.

D. In the curing process to maintain the environment at a suitable temperature, to avoid affecting the curing effect.




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