Conductive silicone rubber

01 Products

Conductive silicone rubber is based on silicone rubber, adding conductive fillers, crosslinking agents and other matching vulcanization. Commonly used rubber is methyl vinyl silicone rubber, commonly used conductive fillers are acetylene carbon black, carbon fiber, super conductive carbon black, graphite, copper powder, silver powder, aluminum powder and zinc powder.

02 Advantages

Compared with the general conductive rubber, conductive silicone rubber has the advantages of small volume resistivity, low hardness, high and low temperature resistance (-70 to 200 ℃), aging resistance, good processing and manufacturing process performance, especially suitable for the manufacture of conductive properties, complex shapes, structure of small conductive silicone rubber products.

With ordinary silicone rubber resistance to high and low temperatures, aging resistance, easy molding and processing, in addition to other characteristics, conductive stability and thermal stability is good.

Physical and chemical data:

Volume resistivity is generally in 3 ~ 10Ω – cm, relative density 1.15, hardness (Shore A) 60, tensile strength 5.7MPa, relative elongation 265%. It can be made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber (raw rubber), silica, conductive filler, structure control agent and organic peroxide, etc. with mixing.

03 FAQ

Q1: How durable is it?

It is generally durable, with good resistance to high temperatures, moisture, and UV exposure. Its flexibility and elasticity also contribute to its suitability for long-term use.

Q2: What’s the difference between conductive silicone rubber and regular silicone rubber?

egular silicone rubber is typically used for insulation and sealing applications, while conductive silicone rubber contains conductive fillers that allow it to conduct electricity. Both have similar flexibility and heat resistance, but conductive silicone rubber has added conductive properties.

Q3: Is it safe?

It is generally considered safe, sharing some characteristics with food-grade silicone rubber. However, the choice of conductive fillers can affect its safety.










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