How to printing Underwear Bonding silicone

01 Description

Underwear Bonding silicone is a silicone material used in underwear making, it is mainly used to fit the parts of underwear together to provide comfort and support. This silicone material has good elasticity and durability and is able to accommodate undergarments of all shapes and sizes while providing a non-marking fit.

02 Advantages

A.Good elasticity and durability to accommodate undergarments of all shapes and sizes.

B.Provides a non-marking fit, making underwear more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

C.Easy to use, simply apply silicone to the area to be fitted and press it together.

03 Note

A.Make sure the operation environment is clean and dust-free to avoid impurities and dust entering into the silicone.

B.Mix the two components A and B in strict accordance with the specified ratio to avoid too much or too little mixing leading to a decline in the performance of the silica gel.

C.Before applying the silicone, make sure that the parts to be laminated are dry and free of oil and dirt, in order to give full play to the adhesive properties of the silicone.

D.When pressing the silicone, make sure that the two parts are perfectly aligned to avoid any misalignment or deviation.

E.During the vulcanization of the silicone, avoid excessive stretching or twisting of the silicone, so as not to affect the effect of its lamination.

04 Process

A.Screen printing underwear bonding silicone print 1 layer

B.To stick a piece of underwear fabric on printed fabric, and smooth by tools

C.Baking by 110℃ for 15 minutes.

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