Flocking Silicone Screen Printing Effect


01 Products

Flocking silicone is made by growing a fiber or fleece-like structure on the surface of the silicone. This structure can be achieved chemically or physically, giving the surface of the silicone a fleece-like appearance and feel. It usually has similar chemical properties to ordinary silicone, but the fiber structure on its surface gives it special performance advantages in some aspects.

02 Features

A.The fluffy structure of flocked silicone gives it a soft, comfortable touch and makes it suitable for applications that come into contact with the human body, such as medical devices and protective gear.

B.The fluffy structure increases the adsorption capacity of its surface, which allows it to better adhere to the surface of other materials and improves the adhesion performance.

C.The fluffy structure increases the heat insulation performance of flocked silicone to a certain extent, which is suitable for occasions that require heat insulation or thermal insulation.

D.The fluffy structure makes the surface of the flocked silicone gel have a certain friction, improving its anti-slip performance, applicable to the need for anti-slip product manufacturing.

E.The fluffy structure can increase the wear resistance of the silicone surface and prolong the service life of the product.

03 FAQ

Q1:What is the preparation method?

Physical methods include spraying or coating fibrous materials on the surface of the silicone, followed by curing and treatment; chemical methods involve catalytic growth of fibrous or fluffy structures on the surface of the silicone.

Q2:What is the difference between flocking silicone and ordinary silicone?

The main difference is the surface structure. While ordinary silicone has a smooth surface, flocking silicone has a fiber or fluffy structure on the surface. This structure gives flocking silicone special properties, such as comfort, adsorption, heat insulation and so on.

Q3:Is it easy to fall off?

The fluffy structure of flocking silicone is usually cured so that it is firmly bonded to the silicone matrix and the fluff is not easy to come off. However, prolonged use or strong friction may result in partial wear or shedding of the fluff, but the overall performance is not seriously affected.

04 Process 

A.Print with 20000A silicone ink,10% 20000B catalyst and 2% 2000C catalyst and 40% 128AH thinner.

B.Bake the surface dry after the first time printing, then to print another layer.

C.No baking after the second printing,flock the suede on the garment with flocking machine.

D.Bake 20-30 seconds by the temp 120 degree.

E.Suck and clean the extra suede with vacuum cleaner.

F.Do washing test after 8 hours when flocking and backing are all finished

05 Certificate

Our products have passed the test of REACH and OEKO— TEX100,NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A-01, heavy metal test, Halogen test, Tensile test, Yellowing-resistance test,Also obtained the Certificate of REACH, OEKO-TEX-10.


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