When it comes to detail and vividness in prints, glossy silicone ink is an irreplaceable material. Its properties allow prints to appear with clearer and more vivid details, whether in advertising materials, packaging or other printing applications.

Superior detail performance: Glossy silicone inks are known for their high-resolution printing, which captures minute details, including the tiniest elements of text, patterns, and images. This means subtle text and design elements on product instructions, posters, signage and packaging are clearly visible.

xg silicone HD glossy effect

Vividness of color: Glossy silicone ink not only shows fine details, but also delivers full and vibrant colors. This is vital for advertising and promotional materials that require eye-catching attention, as it ensures that the colors of the print remain vibrant and consistent.

Versatility: Glossy silicone inks are suitable for a variety of different printing applications, from commercial printing to packaging design. It’s ideal for creating vivid and eye-catching prints.

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