silicone ink for screen printing is a kind of ink specially designed for the screen printing process. It is mainly used for coating protection on silicone materials. It has received widespread attention in the printing industry for its unique advantages, making it one of the preferred printing methods in many industries:

Wide Applicability: Screen printing silicone ink is suitable for various types of surfaces, including cloth, plastic, glass, metal, etc., so it can be applied to many different types of articles and products.

Highly Durable: Silicone inks have excellent durability and elasticity and can maintain their printing quality under extreme conditions such as heat, chemicals, UV light, etc., making them ideal for use in products that require long-term durability.

Good adhesion: Screen printing silicone ink can achieve good adhesion on a variety of surfaces, whether it is a flat surface or a curved surface, or a hard object or a soft object, ensuring the adhesion of the printed pattern.

Strong printability: Silicone inks have excellent flow and printability, enabling complex patterns and details to be easily achieved while also enabling high-resolution printing on smaller screen apertures.

Good flexibility: Screen printing silicone ink has good flexibility and elasticity, so it is suitable for products that require a soft feel or bending, such as clothing, elastic materials, etc.

Bright colors and good texture: Screen printing silicone ink has bright and full colors, good touch texture, and can present high-quality printing patterns. The printing effect of this ink is clear and delicate, which can meet the printing needs with high color and texture requirements.

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