XG recently had the honor to welcome a group of distinguished customers from Bangladesh. They not only visited our production line, but also experienced the magical process of silicone ink printing.

1,Production line visit: Bangladeshi customers first visited our advanced production line and witnessed the production process of silicone ink with their own eyes. They had an in-depth understanding of the raw material selection, proportioning process and precise production process of silicone ink, and gave high praise to our production process.

2,Personal experience of the printing process: In order to allow customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the printing effect of silicone ink, we have specially arranged a personal experience session for them. Customers not only personally operated the silicone ink printing equipment, but also personally experienced the printing effects of silicone ink on different materials.

3,Technical explanation and communication: During the printing process, our technical experts explained the application scope, characteristics and advantages of silicone ink to customers in detail. Through in-depth technical explanations, customers have a clearer understanding of the diversity and applicability of silicone inks.

Bangladeshi customers spoke highly of this personal experience. They said that this event was not only a comprehensive understanding of silicone ink, but also a deep recognition of our company’s technical strength and teamwork capabilities. Customers have said that this experience gave them a deeper understanding of silicone ink and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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