Flexible for a variety of printing processes

Silicone ink can be used in a variety of printing processes such as screen printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, and embossing printing, and can meet the requirements of different printing products, including paper, plastic, glass, metal and other materials.

Achieve high-precision printing

It has excellent rheological properties and can achieve high-precision printing. It is suitable for printing applications such as printing graphics, logos, patterns, etc. that require fineness and clarity.

Multi-color 3D transfer silicone stickers

Improve printing quality and appearance

Silicone ink can improve the texture and appearance of printed matter, giving printed matter a smooth and bright surface, enhancing visual effects, and enhancing brand image and product appeal.


As an innovative printing material, silicone ink brings new development opportunities to the printing and packaging fields. Its excellent characteristics and diverse applications make it an important part of the printing and packaging industry, making important contributions to improving product quality and enhancing market competitiveness. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of applications, silicone inks will be more widely used and promoted in the future.

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