Natural drying silicone on shoelace XG20S-1

01 Features

Natural drying silicone has excellent high and low temperature resistance, waterproof performance and chemical stability, can be at room temperature self-drying curing. No blocking board, no baking, resistant to reprinting, beautiful rounded appearance, good toughness, strong anti-slip, no delamination and no breakage, environmental protection, valuable printing silicone material, reduce costs and improve productivity. High elasticity, high concentration, low odor, excellent masking, high gloss, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, and does not hurt the substrate, the color is pure and bright, strong weather resistance, suitable for fine printing, fine lines or fonts have excellent edge. Excellent performance in pad/screen printing and flat ink layer. Our typical self-drying silicone ink XG-20S-1 is two-component. Add 3% catalyst before use (eg: 100 grams of ink, 3 grams of catalyst, weighed with an electronic pound, stirred well, add the right amount of silica gel to open the oil and water, you can screen printing and pad printing, can be adjusted according to customer demand ratio. Other technical indicators can also be adjusted according to different customers.)

02 Technical parameters

  1. Screen printing plate: 100-430 mesh screen printing plate;
  2. Squeegee: 65-85 degrees is recommended;
  3. Dosage: 400 mesh screen printing plate is about 45 ㎡/kg;
  4. so as not to affect the performance of silicone ink, add a good catalyst ink used within 8 hours
  5. Under the condition of 25-40 degrees Celsius temperature, the ink is left to dry for 2 hours, 24 hours can be fully cured. If you need to bake, printed products to be dry after the solvent evaporation, otherwise there may be bubbles.
  6. Diluent: Silicone special open oil water

03 FAQ

Q1:How long is the curing time of screen printing Natural drying silicone adhesive?

Depending on factors such as ambient temperature, humidity and coating thickness, generally between a few minutes to a few hours. Lower temperatures and humidity will increase the curing time, so it needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation when using.

Q2:What are the precautions for preservation and storage of Natural drying silicone?

It should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environment. During storage and use, contact with moisture and humidity should be avoided as much as possible to prevent it from curing prematurely when not in use.



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