Solvent Based Ink Fixer SND-9103


Special for coated Water Proof Fabrics under coating printing for good fastness

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Solvent Based Under coating Clear Fixer

1.Appearance: Clear paste


Product printing preparation:

    • Mesh: 180-300(70T-120T) Mesh number ;
    • Squeegee:70-75 degree Flat Squeegee
    • Fixer mixing ratio: 9103 Fixer mixing ratio 1-2%

    If under coating clear SND-110 to mix fixer SND-110B 10%

    • Reducer :0-20%
    • Flash by air or heating by 40-60℃
    • Cure by waiting over 12 hours or heat by 40-60℃ for 30 minutes

Solvent Based Ink for waterproof fabric:

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