Silicone Printing Ink for Shoes XG-866A-50

Good wear resistance, fastness and washing. Easy pigments, easy cure, easy high-density effect. Suitable for shoe uppers printing. Can get glossy and matte effect.

Silicone Printing Ink for Shoes parameters

1.Solid Content:100% (Silicone Ink for Shoes)

2.Viscosity Pa.S:800-1000

3.Hardness Type A:50-60

4.Flash temp ℃: 100-120

5.Operation time:2-6HRS

6.Shelf-life:12 Months


Product features

Good wear resistance fastness and washing test result, easy for pigments, easy cure, easy to get the high-density effect, suitable for shoe uppers printing.

To print glossy or matte for top coating to get the super glossy and matte effect. Or adjust numbers of meshes to get the half matte effect.

For undercoating & high-density printing, color layer printing, CMYK printing.

Can be used for mixing with Round silicone ink XG-866A-2Y for pulling stone printing.

XG Silicone, HD Silicone Ink Making Video

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