Machine printing silicone XG-866AH

01 Product

The company’s machine printing silicone products XG-866AH (right angle) thick plate silicone can be used on the machine, thick plate flat semi-matte effect, suitable for blended fabrics and elastic polyester and cotton fabrics, priming and pressing wool effect. Smooth coated fabrics, waterproof fabrics to add 70 # silicone additives or with the middle layer of glue priming program. With additives XG-866B-1 slow drying additives 2%, surface drying temperature 110 ° C – 140 ° C 6-10 seconds, the temperature and time should be depending on the size of the flower bit and the situation of the customer’s heating equipment as well as fabrics and silicone printing thickness. Also add thinner, the number of priming according to customer sample requirements.

02 Process

Cotton or cotton blends or bottoming a small number of times the case is not easy to press the wool printed flat fabrics, the need to use the process of pressing, can be the first screen printing and then pressing or for thin cotton the first time the table is dry, the second time wet or semi-dry state and then pressing (can be oven baking time to reduce the number of seconds to control the semi-dry), for thicker cotton, printed once after wet or semi-dry state pressing. Pressing temperature of 150 degrees or so 6-10 seconds, according to the size of the flower and the thickness of the paste to decide, pay attention to the pressure of the press, the pressure is too strong, the paste printed on the thick case is easy to press deformation.

Machine printing silicone for Color printing, not elastic fabrics can be used to operate better performance of the machine printing silicone XG-866A-1 color. Elastic silicone XG-866A-2 bottoming or color mixing on the machine printing, need to look at the situation to see whether to add a delay agent 0.1% -0.2%, depending on the size of the flower bit and table drying situation.

On the machine printing glossy cover surface cover curvature effect is best to use 60 degrees scraper, the knife will be rounded to facilitate the pulp. If you need to cover the glossy surface arc effect, the second glossy cover surface mesh board is best to have a certain thickness of the sun, easy to leave pulp. Glossy cover need to empty a machine head, with two ovens, the first one open the cold air to adjust the temperature a little lower or turn off the temperature, the second one to adjust the normal table drying temperature 10-20 degrees lower with 110 ℃ -130 ℃ table dry.

100:2 silicone additives can be adjusted to each other, such as fast-drying and slow-drying each one-half can be made into a dry additives, curing agent to add the amount according to the 2% implementation, such as climatic reasons difficult to dry can be added to the appropriate amount of 3%, normal can not be more than 3%, large flower bit of weather is very cold and very difficult to dry the case of the appropriate amount of platinum additives to add the proportion of the need to confirm the test according to the operating environment, the program is our experimental summary of the distribution of the program.

The program of Machine printing silicone is our company’s experimental summary of the ratio, not the only program, the actual production of each manufacturer according to their own requirements to make appropriate adjustments to achieve their own company’s quality requirements. It is recommended to do the test before each big shipment.





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