How to printing ribbon silicone XG-130AB

01 Features

Ribbon silicone does not block the board, wear-resistant, high firmness (different fabrics according to the proportion of debugging to add exclusive silicone primer, so that it better fit the fabric), long washing life, scratch-resistant strength and good flexibility. Stretch more than 8 times, will not be deformed, uniform color, clear lines, surface integrity, health and environmental protection, can be added with customer demand for anti-sublimation and color paste. The company’s typical Ribbon silicone: XG-130D-3 before use with additives XG-130D-3B, mixing ratio: 10:1 and add 10% thinner, color paste can be adjusted according to customer demand for their own ratio. XG-130A / B, it is AB glue mixing ratio of 1:1, it is better than the elasticity effect with XG-130D-3B.

02Technical Parameters

  1. Screen printing plate: 100-150 mesh screen printing plate;
  2. Scraping glue: 70 degrees is recommended, scraper evenly scraped from one end to the other end of the screen plate;
  3. so as not to affect the performance of silicone ink, add a good catalyst ink within 8 hours;
  4. It is best to print after each printing, table dry after printing, the number of printing can be printed according to the customer’s own needs.

03 Advantages

  1. Ribbon siliconecan be adapted to various curved surfaces and surfaces.
  2. It has good resistance to high temperature and is suitable for heat sensitive printing process.
  3. It can be firmly adhered to the printing surface and is not easy to fall off or shift.
  4. Good resistance to common inks and solvents.

04 Caution

A.Make sure the printing surface is clean and dry to ensure the best adhesion effect.

B.Check the silicone tape for damage or looseness before use to ensure no ink leakage during printing.

C.Choose the right size and thickness of silkscreen Ribbon silicone according to the printing needs.

D.Pay attention to the storage environment, avoid high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight.



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