How to printing puff silicone XG-866ARP

01 Features

Foaming silicone rubber is a two-component heating vulcanization silicone rubber, vulcanized into a soft elastic material, foaming volume is 3-4 times the original, the product has excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance, technical performance, insulation, can be in a certain temperature -60 ~ +250 ℃ under the conditions of the air or oil material medium work. High foaming times; uniform foaming, good stability. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, chemically inert; small, uniform and delicate foam aperture; light weight, good elasticity and feel; no migration phenomenon.

02 Ingredients

Foaming silica gel is also called molding silica gel, two-component molding silica gel. It consists of two parts: A component is silica gel and B component is curing agent; the two components are mixed in the ratio of 1:1. It is a pure silicone material made by chemical foaming, after foaming its pore size is small and fine and uniform. Foaming silica gel is an environmentally friendly material, the products produced are non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic.

03 Operation method

Often silkscreen on the silicone upper layer, to do velvet foam effect. Before using the silicone to keep tools, containers clean, according to a certain proportion of other silicone and curing agent, mix well. After mixing can be vacuumed, as soon as possible to avoid solidification phenomenon. Adjust the foaming ability, can be directly screen printing, usually after printing with 120 ℃ baking, about 2-5 minutes.


04 Certificate

Our products follow the satndard of NIKE,ADIDAS-01,pass&achieve REACH,OEKO-TEX-100,ZDHC certificate


05 Package

Our products are packed in bottles, barrels, cartons, and wooden boxes, and the packaging is tight and leak-free.


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